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Cryptocurrency and its future

Hello everyone
Nowdays people are mad for cryptocurrency and I was so. I am studying crypto for a very long time. Basically crypto is not a currency but it is a crypto code loop. You can send codes and receive these codes. This can be used in our financial system. But there is no security or backup reserve set for these crypto. Everyone can make a new crypto with different supplies and can launch it easily. By whole scenario we get that there is no such value of crypto Infact. Many big economies like India banned it. I can hear weaping of poor who invested in it because of illiteracy. This is a very big economic bubble which is about to break. No one will get a chance for exit because of cautious investors. In a hope for future payments method people are wasting their money. Please be enlightened.
These investors who have their stake in it are existing very wisely. So that common may get these and trapped into it.
There are more than 6000 different crypto and 7.8 k are in process of…

new crude policy and invetment

NOw in 2019 most of countries have exhausted most of economic ways and resources and this is new time when everyone is going towards smart investing . I would like to highlight only two fields . One is marine and second is oil . Most of big companies and investors now find it worth investing in crude oil because  . here is how -

most opec decided a supply cut and followed rate hike for less oil reserve depletion .But us policy to promote oil and  natural gas soon turns into world ecological and economic balance . this group failed to cut down oil supply and now a risk over oil reserve emerges . Now after a very long time they are going to set oil prices as much high as they can and credit agencies will do that only .  and now the real gamecomes in . this investment is for 3 to 7 year as the return will be in multiple . Us trying to increase the use and consumption of oil lead to a global shortage and at last this will work for biggest corporates .