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Make A Network Of Smartphone repairing

A man can live without air but not without smartphone . Really smartphones had taken that much importance in todays time that one can not avoid them even if one wants. It had become such indispensable tool that it is nearabout impossible to get rid of smartphones. But this may help you EARNINGG MONEYY !!!!! . Wow thats great news but question is HOW!!,

Then my friends here i am with the answer that with a network of smartphone repairing shops and buying damaged phones may earn you very handsome cash .All you need to build a network in your area . Go to the repair shops and ask for trending new mobile requirements . Ask them their details and note down them in your notebook. Next step is to create a online portal and register them manually with restricted use . Allow this portal to accept new or old damaged phones .The registered network will give you a requirement of phone parts at low prices and your old damaged phone will work now .

You need to buy only those phones whose screens a…