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Online Event Management

This is a very effective and popular way of earning very good income and income may range between 4000$ to 15000 $ per month on medium pace .This is like unlimited source of income with little or less effort but with great preciseness .Event management is not new but online event management introduced only 4 years ago . Due to its popularity and mass involvement , more and more peoples are attracting towards it and engaging in this sort of business . If you are creative and inspired to do very big things in short span of time and that too with enjoyment , than this job is perfect for you . You shall make a fresh start from there. In beginning you need to build up trust in client rather than high profits but slowly you can increase your margins .

                          You need some investment to start earning through this medium . And investment varies from city to city and country to country . Initially you need some space , at least 3 co-workers , Decorating material…

Micro Working - can make some additional bucks

Micro working is very popular in online earning methods without any investment and can give a small a sweet start . Micro jobs does not pay more but if you are a starter in online world and have started with payperclick then it may give you additional income and stability in online earning . These are micro jobs which can make you anything ranging from .1$ to 5$ . These do not require any specialty or skill . Micro working includes copy writings , highlighting text , uploading pics , writing comments , giving social presence and follows , SEO ,watching videos , posting small animations , business cards , making back links and  linking profiles , and other very small tasks . You are paid for completing these tasks . If you perform a number of micro task on host service providers than you can get average income . For example you complete 10 task in a day of moderate level then you will be paid $ 1.5 to $ 2.5 per task means you get 15$ to 25$ a day .TO start it you need to know about ge…

Ad Development ( Latest Earning Medium With Vast Potential )

Very new and genuine method . Very few knows that ad development is different from web development and have very good earning potential. Every businessman want that his source medium shall be famous in order to increase his sales as popularity turns into profits . He runs different types of promotions like discount , partnering with host agencies or service provider , lowering the prices , giving more profit to 2nd level seller , offering club offers on next purchases and the most important that is advertisement .Advertisement takes a business beneath heights and good advertisement always shows interest with maximum stakeholders .As new businessmen and entrepreneur are now investing more on ad development , the scope in this field has increased . There are different type of advertisements like text ads , picture ads , Video ads , Audio ads , Pop up ads , .

1.These ads may be oriented on different aspects like - Some ads are oriented on models - when a model says that this is the best…

Open Online Marketplace

In very high demand and maintenance cost is very low in running a simple marketplace .Here you give permission to both users with sell profile and buy profile . You offer your users to negotiate themselves and traffic results in revenue .You provide your users with a number of services like chat , negotiations , post ad , create buyer or seller profile and select subscription option or plan / membership which shall be cheaper so that more number of audience may be able to purchase the plan/membership . There is a number of big marketplace which are earning very good income and their maintenance cost is very high but even then they are earning revenues . The features of compare product service may add additional profit to your marketplace as searcher freely try to compare the service before buy and then it increases the chances that they may buy subscriptions and plans . Always be honest with your clients and promise only those service which are in your reach and you can provide them …

Open Online Virtual Research and Development center ( R&D WORK)

Research and Development is the base for advancement and enhancement of quality of life . And also you can see impact of R&D on every aspect of social life . We can see that maximum R&D is being done at different levels and on local administrative standards . These works with few regularities very from country to country and according to product research type and very few regularities are being run by private authorities . These R&D agencies need very strong physical presence with labs and legal framework .There are very few people who swim against the stream for some great ideas and estb. milestones . Setting up of such agency is not easy and require some professionals and proper equipment  with all legal formalities limit check . There are a number of such R&D agencies which are private and doing this work professionally but not navigable by all but limited to some specific highlighted spots .
If you genuinely want to set up R&D center then you must research abo…

Rent Properties online and earn commissions

Many big websites are doing this and this way is getting very popular these days .You can start a business in which you can allow your users post their property for rent or sale . By renting their property on your portal you get a percentage you fix in term and conditions as commissions . In starting it may give you a cold start but don't stop as it will result in huge profits in long run .

There are not very much such marketplace in existence at this but you can take airbnb as an example . This is an online marketplace where home owners are allowed to rent their properties like hotels for specific period of time .

Tele Services and host customer care

Very good amount of money can be made by running KPO and BPO  service or call centre . These are rusn in accordance with the companies requirements . There you can hire employees at very cheap prices and may earn very good profit as these call centers may be installed in countries where labour cost is very cheap . These may be customer feedback oriented , support desks , or lead generating call centers.

Now the question arises that this involves high rate of field work , then how you will earn online from this technique. Then the answer is you need tot to go there to install a call centre but this may also be done online by contact and affiliate support . You have to take a call center in such region at contract .After it hire a team manager from correspondent call center and run a HR hiring program there . Your cost will be around $ 20k and profit will be ranging in between $50k to $60 k . In case of lead generation you may earn higher and also you can run an advertisement company o…

Become Online Teacher

If you have completed your studies and you are eligible to teach then you should look upon the option of online teaching at least once . This is a general misconception that teachers does not earn much but this is only a misconception .As a start you can earn about 300 $ to 500$ but when you get proficiency and mastery over subject and make a space for you then it can be as much as 2000$ to 5000$ .

 Everyone has its own subject of mastery and some special topics .You need to highlight them and improve your skill and about knowledge regard that subject before coming to this field . You shall have all related gadgets like highlighter, laser, board ,marker, good quality camera to record lesson video , stand , duster/eraser , study material of related subject , etc. these are some basic requirements and in addition to these you should have a good internet connection. -

After the basic requirements are met then you are ready to be an online teacher . There is a number of websites and lear…

Earn Money By Playing Games Online

Yes ! this is a fact . You can earn money even by playing online games and can enjoy your gaming with wealth creation . Many persons make more than thousand dollars $$ for playing games online and nothing . A number of websites provide this service to its users where we play games like Xbox 360 , Money Panda etc . these games are played only online means on web based platform ,no money can be made through offline playing these games . You might be thinking that why they would pay someone money only for playing games . the reason behind it is a major advertisement  network which facilitate this kind of service . Whenever you play game they run advertisements and get paid by their sponsored networks .--ads may be visual or a link or video .

Requirements  one must have sufficient time to play these games

one should watch videos before playing games

 must have a good internet connection

must have a mail id to register user account

should have a paypal or international wallet account and s…

Youtube Earn Money And Get Fame

You can earn money from youtube just by uploading videos , this will not only give you money but fame as well . But this process needs some hard work which is about to bound and attract audience . if you succeed in getting enough audience then there is no problem in earning money . you will be getting money for showing ads next to your video . you must meet the minimum requirement of 10000 views for any video to be qualified for earning through adsense program . Adsense is the main mean to monetize your content but not the only means. you have to apply for approval of your video material to adsense and only after approval you can earn money . These days earning through youtube is in trend because it creates a knowledge base and understanding of the subject matter in a comprehensive way .


you must have google account

 you must have paypal id or bank account

a camera to record good quality video

a circle to promote your content

 sign up at google and sign in to your …

App Development

Today the online world is inclined more towards apps than websites as they are easy to use and instant . in starting android apps were mostly used then iphone apps and then html 5 apps . Now mostly hybrid apps are in use and occupy more value . If you are a developer you can easily make apps and can earn very easy money through them but if you are not a developer even then there is no problem . You can either hire developers from freelancer or buy apps from any website like flippa .

  But you can create your own app by a tool or website by easy playway method . In this type of app creation no technical knowledge and programming background is needed . It promotes creativity as well . Many of web seeker dont take a chance because they think that they have to go through technicality of computer programs , but it is not so . Its just like wordpress or php installer in any hosting provider panel  Where you simply creates the logo , design you own app and publish it through their system or…

Earn Money By Reseller Hosting

many people are now days earning good through this medium as it is very easy and effective method to earn money online . A number of website provides reseller hosting at very cheap prices so you can become hosting or domain reseller and that too with no massive efforts .Currently there are more than 20000 successful hosting resellers are operating in all over the world . - please note that this number is only for successful resellers otherwise the numbers are very big . There are two ways to start your online reseller business ;

the first way is to join any reseller club and take membership of it . They may offer you a free domain and hosting through which you may be able to able to promote and start your business .Here you shall put some banners regarding your hosting plan and promote your website through different means . Whenever anyone will buy hosting plan from you you will be earning revenue . There are some prominent names in this type of promotions like GODADDY , 1&1 , IN…

By Providing Seo Services

SEO - Search Engine Optimization
Search engine is related to searches of keywords on the web plateforms like google bing yahoo etc are search engines  . All Seo work is mainly oriented over the keywords and result availability by entering keywords . Like if i talk about restaurant and search it on google then google will show more than a million results and their website links . As a user i would first prefer and click the 1st page result shown . then you may see some results are ads of google adwards or admedia etc .. To take any website to search engines 1st page some steps are followed these involve search engine optimization .

For Example - i search a keyword  - ban reservation      and various result are shown in image below but  tops that list means it is at rank 1 on google for that keyword .

Many software developers and freelancers are earning a lot of money through SEO services and it is not very difficult also . For this purpose you must be skilled and sh…

Earn Money By Reading Emails

There is a number of websites which gives you money for simply reading emails which generally is promotional material .This is a very easy task and anyone can do it without wasting a lot of time and money . all you need is an email account a paypal id and host account with desired service provider - i will explain in detail .

This is quite amazing to receive money for doing nothing and income is coming by work from home and you recieve money in very good manner i.e. directly to your paypal account , which can be further put into other money making mediums .

become broker or introducing broker in forex

Today everyone is involved in some kind of money making activity and this activity is very necessary to compete and survive . We are going from basics to advance , from tangible to intangibles and in physical market to the online world . It has make the means of earning very easy but without investment there is no earning and greater the risk greater will be earning are basic things we should keep in mind before doing such activity .

   Forex is one of such means which had made the earnings very easy and more risky off course . Now millions are involved in forex market and earning money . Each time when the trader closes a trade in any lot size a certain commission goes to the company weather he loses in his trade or wins .


Blogging is not new and can put in to huge income source . You can write on any topic whatever you like to write share your imformation research in that perticular area .it may be anything beat automotive beat health , education , services , investment , suppliments , news , architecture , dance culture form, any skill , buisness , advertisement or much more . your blog should be easily nevigable and language shall be easily understandable . For becomming a good blogger one must have good language skill writing skill and must have deep knowledge of the associated subject . his content must be relevent and helpful in related search which will boost searches and traffic as well as value of the blog .


mutual funds are the basic to start journey towards investment .If you know not more about the share market and investment in various debt sectors then you shall choose mutual fund investment . Mutual funds are of various types like money market , small cap , debt mutual fund etc . And what we should check in mutual fund before investing in these mutual funds is their NAV and yearly returns .

   NAV stands for Net Asset Value , tell us which are the components it is comprises in
A mutual fund investment is divided in some share of blue chip companies some outperforming mid caps some CDs some NCDs etc and return is shown in accordance and compare to past years .

There are many method of taking or investing in these mutual fund