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earn money by online store or ecommerce

you can start your online business and it is very easy and effective .It is very common and safe way . If you provide your customers good service then you will be earning very good through eCommerce because it is your service which helps in making goodwill among  consumers . And goodwill turns your hard-work into money . There are a number of examples in the field of eCommerce , even the richest person of the world Jeff Bezos ( C.E.O. OF AMAZON ) have his stake in eCommerce .

Many online stores and companies were started as very small start ups and grown to very large groups now . Flipcart is one of them .

To start a web e store you need a very less initial investment . you need product and targeted market .A good approach and business plan must be there .

earn money from cryptocurrencies

cryptocurrencies demands are going higher these days, these are digital currencies and are very safe in use . these currencies use a technology where a transaction is encrypted in code and it does not reveal the identity of sender and receiver of money . these means of financial transaction are safe and fast . some popular cryptocurrencies are bitcoin litecoin silvercoin dogecoin etc . these currencies are generally associated with their mining and this is the way to earn money . unlike mineral mining in digital currency mining we do not dig anything but we produce value of money . you might have heard of bitcoin mining . lets understand mining ;

this is a unique way to check on the transaction and count them , every second a very large number of transactions are done and in order to verify them we had to decode the encrypted script this process verifies a transaction and as a reward we are given some amount in these currencies .this process is known as bitcoin mining . you can make …

market investment share market

One who is well acquainted to this field must understand the risk involves in it and where is high risk then probability of good profit is also there .There is a big proportion who are involved in market activities through share market and stock exchange by either ways , listing their company to exchange or investing in equities or ipos or indirectly through mutual funds . Some persons invests on their own strategy but some on the brokers advice . I am using term person in spite of investor because investors invests and persons may use it as means of saving , gamble etc.

     Before entering to share market one must learn the concept of its functioning and the idea behind investment approach . If you are a starter and very excited to enter in share market , forex , commodities , metal trading and virtual or cryptocurrency trading by little or negligible investment with a hope or dream that his investment may be double tripple or ten times in weeks or months , such persons are welcome…