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One who is well acquainted to this field must understand the risk involves in it and where is high risk then probability of good profit is also there .There is a big proportion who are involved in market activities through share market and stock exchange by either ways , listing their company to exchange or investing in equities or ipos or indirectly through mutual funds . Some persons invests on their own strategy but some on the brokers advice . I am using term person in spite of investor because investors invests and persons may use it as means of saving , gamble etc.

     Before entering to share market one must learn the concept of its functioning and the idea behind investment approach . If you are a starter and very excited to enter in share market , forex , commodities , metal trading and virtual or cryptocurrency trading by little or negligible investment with a hope or dream that his investment may be double tripple or ten times in weeks or months , such persons are welcome…
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Make A Network Of Smartphone repairing

A man can live without air but not without smartphone . Really smartphones had taken that much importance in todays time that one can not avoid them even if one wants. It had become such indispensable tool that it is nearabout impossible to get rid of smartphones. But this may help you EARNINGG MONEYY !!!!! . Wow thats great news but question is HOW!!,

Then my friends here i am with the answer that with a network of smartphone repairing shops and buying damaged phones may earn you very handsome cash .All you need to build a network in your area . Go to the repair shops and ask for trending new mobile requirements . Ask them their details and note down them in your notebook. Next step is to create a online portal and register them manually with restricted use . Allow this portal to accept new or old damaged phones .The registered network will give you a requirement of phone parts at low prices and your old damaged phone will work now .

You need to buy only those phones whose screens a…

Online Event Management

This is a very effective and popular way of earning very good income and income may range between 4000$ to 15000 $ per month on medium pace .This is like unlimited source of income with little or less effort but with great preciseness .Event management is not new but online event management introduced only 4 years ago . Due to its popularity and mass involvement , more and more peoples are attracting towards it and engaging in this sort of business . If you are creative and inspired to do very big things in short span of time and that too with enjoyment , than this job is perfect for you . You shall make a fresh start from there. In beginning you need to build up trust in client rather than high profits but slowly you can increase your margins .

                          You need some investment to start earning through this medium . And investment varies from city to city and country to country . Initially you need some space , at least 3 co-workers , Decorating material…

Micro Working - can make some additional bucks

Micro working is very popular in online earning methods without any investment and can give a small a sweet start . Micro jobs does not pay more but if you are a starter in online world and have started with payperclick then it may give you additional income and stability in online earning . These are micro jobs which can make you anything ranging from .1$ to 5$ . These do not require any specialty or skill . Micro working includes copy writings , highlighting text , uploading pics , writing comments , giving social presence and follows , SEO ,watching videos , posting small animations , business cards , making back links and  linking profiles , and other very small tasks . You are paid for completing these tasks . If you perform a number of micro task on host service providers than you can get average income . For example you complete 10 task in a day of moderate level then you will be paid $ 1.5 to $ 2.5 per task means you get 15$ to 25$ a day .TO start it you need to know about ge…

Ad Development ( Latest Earning Medium With Vast Potential )

Very new and genuine method . Very few knows that ad development is different from web development and have very good earning potential. Every businessman want that his source medium shall be famous in order to increase his sales as popularity turns into profits . He runs different types of promotions like discount , partnering with host agencies or service provider , lowering the prices , giving more profit to 2nd level seller , offering club offers on next purchases and the most important that is advertisement .Advertisement takes a business beneath heights and good advertisement always shows interest with maximum stakeholders .As new businessmen and entrepreneur are now investing more on ad development , the scope in this field has increased . There are different type of advertisements like text ads , picture ads , Video ads , Audio ads , Pop up ads , .

1.These ads may be oriented on different aspects like - Some ads are oriented on models - when a model says that this is the best…

Open Online Marketplace

In very high demand and maintenance cost is very low in running a simple marketplace .Here you give permission to both users with sell profile and buy profile . You offer your users to negotiate themselves and traffic results in revenue .You provide your users with a number of services like chat , negotiations , post ad , create buyer or seller profile and select subscription option or plan / membership which shall be cheaper so that more number of audience may be able to purchase the plan/membership . There is a number of big marketplace which are earning very good income and their maintenance cost is very high but even then they are earning revenues . The features of compare product service may add additional profit to your marketplace as searcher freely try to compare the service before buy and then it increases the chances that they may buy subscriptions and plans . Always be honest with your clients and promise only those service which are in your reach and you can provide them …

Open Online Virtual Research and Development center ( R&D WORK)

Research and Development is the base for advancement and enhancement of quality of life . And also you can see impact of R&D on every aspect of social life . We can see that maximum R&D is being done at different levels and on local administrative standards . These works with few regularities very from country to country and according to product research type and very few regularities are being run by private authorities . These R&D agencies need very strong physical presence with labs and legal framework .There are very few people who swim against the stream for some great ideas and estb. milestones . Setting up of such agency is not easy and require some professionals and proper equipment  with all legal formalities limit check . There are a number of such R&D agencies which are private and doing this work professionally but not navigable by all but limited to some specific highlighted spots .
If you genuinely want to set up R&D center then you must research abo…

Rent Properties online and earn commissions

Many big websites are doing this and this way is getting very popular these days .You can start a business in which you can allow your users post their property for rent or sale . By renting their property on your portal you get a percentage you fix in term and conditions as commissions . In starting it may give you a cold start but don't stop as it will result in huge profits in long run .

There are not very much such marketplace in existence at this but you can take airbnb as an example . This is an online marketplace where home owners are allowed to rent their properties like hotels for specific period of time .